Our Story

'Brand Links' is the latest initiative from Allindia Technologies, an organisation that has helped brands build effective communications for over two decades.

AIT, since 2014, has successfully integrated digital and mainline media in creating path-breaking campaigns for various brands. In its years of handling digital media, AIT has experienced that consumers expect brands to serve as connectors, whether that means fostering a connection with their customers or bringing together people with different perspectives. Therefore 'connection' is the new currency of the modern world.

Our Story

Brand Links endeavours to build a genuine relationship between brands and their consumers. The goal is to help organisations sell more and differentiate themselves from their competition.

At Brand Links, we work towards striking the right balance between 'centrality' and 'distinctiveness' of our Client's brands by ensuring that we link the purpose of our Client's brands with their target audience most effectively.

Our Philosophy

At Brand Links, our core work philosophy can be summed up as follows :

  • We do what is relevant for our Clients' brands
  • We create relatable work
  • Our work and creative deliverables are simple for consumers to understand
  • Our work is shareable so that reach is enhanced further
  • We make the communication effective by choosing the right mix of media